Crushwater duo with Token Girl

the New Moon Craft Tavern, Lincoln St, Port Angeles

Fans of Crushwater and The Sam Chase in the Untraditional are in for a treat! Token Girl (Liss Leigh, The Sam Chase and the Untraditional) joins forces with Libby Cuffie (Sharkmouth) to make her solo debut in Port Angeles. Local favorites the Crushwater Duo will also be playing stripped down and intimate versions of their soaring melodies and rocking songs.

Token Girl is a lively ensemble based out of Oakland. Starting in 2016, bandleader Liss Leigh stepped out of her longtime role as a rhythm musician in the pursuit of creative truth through music. Token Girl cooks with a blended recipe of sounds: one part Fleetwood Mac, one part Esperanza Spalding, and a pinch of Paul McCartney. Spirited with passionate original tunes, practiced musicians, and undeniable stage chemistry, Token Girl performs music that leaves audiences feeling revitalized and fuzzy. They could play a five-year-old’s birthday party just as easily as they could play Waynestock. Token Girl, like a pistachio macaroon, is the flavor-filled experience you never knew you always wanted.